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ldd는 스크립트 일 뿐이고... 로 사용 가능하다...

/lib/ 를 파라미터 없이 실행해보면 아래와 같이 사용법이 출력된다.

[root@localhost tools]# /lib/
You have invoked `', the helper program for shared library executables.
This program usually lives in the file `/lib/', and special directives
in executable files using ELF shared libraries tell the system's program
loader to load the helper program from this file.  This helper program loads
the shared libraries needed by the program executable, prepares the program
to run, and runs it.  You may invoke this helper program directly from the
command line to load and run an ELF executable file; this is like executing
that file itself, but always uses this helper program from the file you
specified, instead of the helper program file specified in the executable
file you run.  This is mostly of use for maintainers to test new versions
of this helper program; chances are you did not intend to run this program.

  --list                list all dependencies and how they are resolved
  --verify              verify that given object really is a dynamically linked
                        object we can handle
  --library-path PATH   use given PATH instead of content of the environment
                        variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH
  --inhibit-rpath LIST  ignore RUNPATH and RPATH information in object names
                        in LIST

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